Online Growth


With our experience, working with companies from very different fields and founding our own companies ranging from transport apps to e-commerce to SAAS we craft the perfect ONLINE STRATEGY for your business. 

The first step is always to understand the customer through quantitative (data) and qualitative (feedback/interviews) information. From this point we can start crafting your ONLINE GROWTH STRATEGY.

In order to achieve rapid and sustainable growth much more than just marketing is needed. A company needs to set up an organization that is capable of growth. 

Our aim is to develop together with you this organization and a STRATEGY that will enable your business to succeed online.

  1. Analyze your product(s) and competitive landscape.

  2. Analyze the current online activities.

  3. Analyze company and team structure.

  4. Craft the perfect strategy for your online growth!


Data Driven Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of doing business online is that you don't have to rely on guess work or gut feeling. Everything is trackable and therefore all activities can be measured and tested.

Unfortunately most companies have still not mined the possibilities that are offered today. For us at Growth-DNA OG we hence start by evaluating the current setup and from this build what we call your GROWTH ENGINE.

The GROWTH ENGINE of your company is a interconnected system of tools that allow you to do state of the art online business. We mostly rely on open systems that are frequently used in order to give you the freedom to improve and expand the system even after our collaboration ends. 

With the GROWTH ENGINE set up we move towards testing your purchase/lead funnels and the available marketing channels. This allows us to

refine the strategy and prove or disprove the assumptions initially made, therefore harnessing the power of the possibilities available online and moving towards truly DATA DRIVEN MARKETING.

  1. Evaluation of current infrastructure

  2. Creating your online GROWTH ENGINE.

  3. A/B test purchase/lead funnels and marketing channels. 

  4. Data Driven online marketing.

Some of our clients

Companies working with Growth DNA on data driven online marketing and Growth Hacking




GROWTH HACKING is one of these annoying buzz words that has seen an incredible rise over the last few years. With a boom like this it is very common that a lot of people who don’t have a clue start to ride the wave and a lot of different things get mixed together.

We define GROWTH HACKING as an interdisciplinary and creative process of finding innovative ways of growing your business. It is not even necessarily only online based, the only requirement for us is that it is trackable. Only by this we can evaluate whether the GROWTH HACK is actually working.

GROWTH HACKS usually start with creative, handcrafted processes that, when proven efficient and effective, are implemented and automated company wide. There is no guaranteed success and GROWTH HACKING therefore involves a lot of trial and error over time.

However when one is identified, it can give your company the boost to the next level.

  1. Creative Exploration Workshop.

  2. Set up of Tracking Tools.

  3. Growth Hack testing.

  4. Automation & company wide roll out.

Start growing your business online!

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